Re: Question about ROM expansion for VIC-20

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-01-19 00:04:15

Hi Ruud,

> > Yep, sort of. ...
> May others have a look at the idea as well?

Sure.  Contact me privately if you're interested in completing the
software.  Currently, the filesystem generator is a C program that
is run on a "big machine".  The flashing software is very rudimentary,
and an appropriate flashing&transfer protocol should be designed.

I'm waiting for my friend to fix the VHDL code. (I'll need to bug him
anyway to program the Lattice chip).  It'll take him one day, but that
day won't be very soon, I'm afraid. :-)  After that, I'll need to test
the menu program, to make sure that it can extract and start programs
for all memory configurations.  That'll take another day.  But I'm
afraid I won't have time to polish the rest of the code (file system
generator, single-file copier, flash burner) in the next couple of years.

It could also be useful to patch VICE to emulate the memory banking and
bank switching logic (two 8-bit read/write registers in the I/O2 or
I/O3 space).  Then the software could be tested more easily.  Only the
transfer protocol would have to be tested on actual hardware.

We have about a dozen 4 MB flash chips, and we could produce some
boards for people who intend to develop the software further.  Like
the C2N232, the design and all code would be free under the GNU
General Public License.  But I'm not interested in producing these
cartridges in large scale at the moment.


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