Re: nicknames (Re: posting cables)

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1999-08-19 20:05:46

>> I named the Apple Network Server I maintain "stockholm" and my 128DCR
>> "rover". No name for the new 64 breadbox yet.

>The two Appleshare servers at work are named Guardian and Colossus they
>provide lan services for our two offices (yes and they do get to communicate
>with one another upon occasion.)...  I try to name all the office HD volumes
>something other then 'hard disk' as it is harder to access stuff remotely when
>keying a path with spaces.

I always liked calling things "noodle". No idea why, just sounds delightfully

>As far as commodores go, a popular term for the 1541 is 'the Lumbering Hippo'
>I think it was from a Fastload Ad, I regard it as a fond term, not fast not
>small, nor something you see dead too often.

Yep, I know that ad. Later FastLoad boxes actually have a hippo with the
red crossed out circle stamped on it as their "NO SLOW LOADERS" thingie.

What just struck me is that 'breadbox' is a nickname, too.

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