Re: nicknames (Re: posting cables)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-08-19 02:39:23

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >
> >My PCs are now named after Finnish curses... :-)
> I named the Apple Network Server I maintain "stockholm" and my 128DCR
> "rover". No name for the new 64 breadbox yet.

The two Appleshare servers at work are named Guardian and Colossus they
provide lan services for our two offices (yes and they do get to communicate
with one another upon occasion.)...  I try to name all the office HD volumes
something other then 'hard disk' as it is harder to access stuff remotely when
keying a path with spaces.

As far as commodores go, a popular term for the 1541 is 'the Lumbering Hippo'
I think it was from a Fastload Ad, I regard it as a fond term, not fast not
small, nor something you see dead too often.

Then of course there is the 'Fat Forty' for the large screen 4000 series PETs.

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