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From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-08-18 09:41:37

>On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, ken ross wrote:
>> i've got a couple of spare cables !
>> all i'd want for it is postage = enough international reply coupons ( i
>>  think 5 per cable when i last sent one abroad -europe   ) and your snail
>> mail addy
>I've never heard of any "international reply coupons".  I think that it is
>easiest to send money ($1 or $5 bills) in an envelope.
 important  ---  not if you want to get anything back!!
i'd have to change the notes up and loose a lot of the value in commision etc .
international reply coupons - ask at any main p.o. ;-)

>> =wrong is correct ( i thought i'd
used htm as end )
oops !! - picture me with pointy hat on in corner
>Actually it's <URL:>.
>Nice pictures.  Where does the name "alligator board" come from?
(off topic but pics created on mac  - cheaply ;-> )

sk = seperate keyboard
alligator  ?
when you're  delving inside your 8000 that isn't an sk look at it from side
and it looks like alligator - i was told this term by a chap who'd been
dealing with cbm's since the old days - it was the only useful thing i
every got from bushey bob  - 6 months to return an SAE from the other side
of london ??  - he no longer deals in computers .

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