Re: SFD-1001

From: William Levak (
Date: 1999-08-17 05:30:07

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Chris Bongaarts wrote:

> BTW, does anyone have detailed information on the MSD SD-1 Super Disk
> Drive?  I got it from a friend; it has both serial and IEEE-488
> connectiors on the back (and both seem to work fine).  I don't recall
> seeing anything on funet about it...

I have a MSD-2.  It's the same but with 2 drives.  The manual is 50 pages
and is mostly about Basic commands, which are the same as the 4040 drive.

The only thing that is hardware specific is the device number jumpers,
JB1-1 and JB1-2.  There are no schematics or service information.  They
never provided any.  I know, Iasked for them when these drives were new.


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