Re: SFD-1001

From: Chris Bongaarts (
Date: 1999-08-16 16:15:59

In the immortal words of [Marko M_kel_]:

>BTW, 24-pin Centronics connectors are not so rare as I thought.  I got one
>(for the user port of my 8032-SK) for 25 FIM (8 DM, 5 USD) in the local
>electronics store.  Okay, that particular store also has radio tubes, but
>on the other hand, one time they didn't have any MC 6821 PIAs, and the
>clerk didn't even know what the chip is!

You just have to find people who are getting rid of older HP lab
equipment or computers (I got one of my cables this way when some
older HP 9000's were being retired).

BTW, does anyone have detailed information on the MSD SD-1 Super Disk
Drive?  I got it from a friend; it has both serial and IEEE-488
connectiors on the back (and both seem to work fine).  I don't recall
seeing anything on funet about it...

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