Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: William Levak (
Date: 1999-08-11 08:32:31


I took my 1541A completely apart and traced the lines on CN6.  The results
are in the first column below.

   1451A                    1541B/C                  1541-II

 1 GND                    1 GND                    1 GND
 2 150 OHM to 5V          2 150 OHM to 5V          2 150 OHM to 5V
 8 5V                     6 5V                     6 12V
 9 MTR                    9 MTR                    7 MTR
12 WP                    12 WP                     3 WP
13 GND                   13 GND                    4 GND

                          4 150 OHM to 5V
                          5 GND                    5 GND
                          8 150 OHM to 5V

The other two columns are derived from the lines on the circuit board
schematics and are guesses as to what lines are on the connectors.  The
connectors may not actually have lines in all positions.

No connection on pins 1 and 2 would indicate a mechanical WP switch
instead of a LED-photocell combination.

The fact that your 1541C has 9 lines on the connector indicates that it
may actually be a 1541C drive and only the circuit board has been changed.

It may be helpful to know if all these lines are actually on the
connectors and what the extra 3 lines on the 1541C are connected to.

On examining the photos in the SAMS PHOTOFACT folder for the 1541 drive, I
can see that the Model number of that drive mechanism says D500  R69-0001,
just as mine does.  It appears therefore that the Newtronics drive
mechanism for the 1541/1541A is D500 R69-0001 and the latter drives are

You also mentioned that some of the drives had "AFAIR" on them.  I don't
quite understand which ons that referres to.


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