Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-08-10 22:23:33

William Levak wrote:
> The D500 on my 1541 says
>     D500        R69-0001
> Perhaps we need to include that extra information with Newtronics drives.

The one in my 1541-II simply says "D500 S/N70100511". The connectors are
6pin for the stepper, 3 pin for the spindle motor and 4 pin for the WP
sensor. The latter two mount onto the 7 pin header CN4.

The one in my 1541C with 1541A board says: "D500 S/N70150371". It is
equipped with the track 0 sensor and therefore the 15 pin plug carries 9
cables instead of the usual 6 ones. Otherwise it is very similar to the
1541-II one.

I don't want to open up my 1541 with Newtronics drive and 1541A board,
but that one has the upper WP sensor mounted on a plastic mount that
extends from the front bezel. The above mentioned 1541C and 1541-II
drives use a little PCB that is installed to the drive mech itself. So
there are many variants of the D500 drive, but I don't see how to
distinguish them just by the model number or the label information.

> Could you also look for the model number on the Chinon?  Their labels are
> usually on the side of the drive and easy to access.

The label on the back says: "Model FZ-501M REV A", "Serial No.
10216572". The connectors are 6 pin for the stepper and 5 pin for the
spindle motor and WP sensor. This leaves pin 1 and 2 of CN4 empty, they
aren't even installed in this drive.


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