Re: A parallel interface for PET, VIC-20 and C64/C128 [3]

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1999-08-05 22:23:09

Hello Marko,

Wednesday, Wednesday, August 04, 1999, you wrote:

>> My version copies one 1541 diskside under 25 sec.

Marko> That's very impressive.  Are you still decoding the GCR in the drive?

Yes and no. When transferring data from 1541 to C64 it is possible get
2-bit data from GCR-Binary conversion table and send it to C64 at once. C64
gets already binary data. So really looks like 1541 does decoding, but
combines it with sending. Thus the trackloader can read and send one
full track at 3 disk revolutions.

>> That usable only for software's. But what about changing firmwares?

Marko> You mean a cartridge that can be inserted to any type of Commodore?

No. I meant ROM patch (or better ROM image for C64,128,etc).

Marko> I think that it was George Taylor who had the idea of creating a disk that
Marko> would work on as many types of computers as possible.  Commodores wouldn't
Marko> be so difficult, since the directory area is in the middle of the disk,
Marko> while most other systems have it on the outmost tracks.

Nice idea. Maybe C= also thought about that.

Marko> BTW, there are two bugs in your mail program: it uses BASE64 encoding in
Marko> the To: header in an improper way, and it changes the Re: prefix to
Marko> Re[2]:.

Right. I checked and fixed now. BTW, the Re[2]: can't be changed,
so in future I will remove it by hand.

Best regards,

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