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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-08-05 16:46:15

Bo Zimmerman wrote:
> 	The Commodore SuperPET SP9000 -- Wow, there are not one, but TWO revisions
> of the SP9000 expansion board.  The older is a double expansion board,

Yes, there are two versions. see the schematics on funet.

> 	BTW, why doesn't the standard 64K expansion software work with a SuperPET?
> Is it addressed differently?

If you mean the 8096/8296 memory expansion, then yes, it is addressed
differently. See the PETindex

> 	The Commodore B500 -- Disappointing.  I imagined a 64K B128 with an older
> BASIC in there.  Instead I got a B128 -- 128K -- BASIC 4.0.  The only
> difference I can see is the eprommed kernal and BASIC chips instead of the
> factory run chips.  Anyone have any different experiences with this machine?
> At least it came with the box..

See the "secret weapons" page for a bit more info on the B* machines

BTW: VICE emulates all PET/CBM-II models _but_ the 6809 side of the 
     SuperPET and the B5*0 with the VIC-II video chip.


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