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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-08-02 00:47:41

If it is based on the MTU Visible memory board, try POKEing 49151 or 49152
(one of those...) with 1, 2, 3 or 0 (on Vismem - 1 is PET video, 2 is hi-res
video, 3 is both overlayed and 0 is none.)  And also in the MTU the video
memory started at $9000 and the bitmap was across 320 then down one, not a
variation of character mapping like on the 64.

If those jive I have a BASIC for it as well as a couple cool games (like a
really cool spacewar variant with startrek ships!)

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Now to PETs. I received three PETs in the past month, one from a friend of
> a techician at the Engineering Department, another from the Engineering
> Department itself and the third from Ken Ross. The 8032-SK is
> unspectacular, though it is of course still an 8032-SK. The 8096 needs its
> keyboard screwing back into place and some minor attention, but the 4032
> is most interesting of all. Why? Because of the 'Supersoft High Resolution
> Graphics" board and 'Flip Forty' board.
> Is there any technical information available on these boards? The HiRes
> board has 8K of static RAM on board. If I can't find any detailed
> descriptions of the registers, I may be inclined to pass these machines
> on. PETs are a bit before my time, and the thought of 48 4116 DRAMs frying
> inside a 8096 fills me with horror.

Care to take on to the U.S. with you, that 8032 SK sounds kinda cool. (not to
mention the hi-res PET.)
> Richard

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