Re: Secret programs

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-08-01 15:38:09

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, Steve Judd wrote:

> Certainly :).  I just used my AR to change $0101 in disk drive RAM to $41.
> But the following program works fine too:
> 0 rem secret program load slj 7/99
> 5 open 15,8,15:open 2,8,2,"#":a=49150:t=26:s=2
> 10 print#15,"u1";2;0;t;s:print".";
> 20 get#2,t$:get#2,s$:t=asc(t$+chr$(0)):s=asc(s$)
> 30 for i=1 to 254:get#2,b$:b=asc(b$+chr$(0)):poke a,b:a=a+1:next
> 40 if t>0 then 10
> 50 close15:close2
> 60 if peek(678)=0 then poke 49320,36
> 70 sys 49152
> ready.

I notice that the program includes conditional NTSC fixing too. Thanks,

> I've stuck the above program, and the secret program, at the end of
> this message.  People who object to me putting binaries here should
> get a life.  I am very happy because this paragraph is all lined up
> in the right margin, something which doesn't always happen unless a
> person really works at it, sometimes by constructing long sentences
> without any meaning or purpose except to make the paragraph line up

You didn't work out how to include the full stop at the end of that ;)

But seriously, I don't think anyone would object to CBM binaries
occasionally in this mailing list. Especially where a program is listed in
the text of a message and there's no point making people manually copy it
into a .prg themselves.

After all, a 32K CBM binary goes a long, long way further than a 32K jpeg
image, let alone a 32K Win32 binary!


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