Re: Crackers take note...

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-07-30 10:42:19

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> I have just copied the sound expander's demo disk onto a d64.
> Unfortunately the disk is copy-protected and a read error occurs at Track
> 18 Sector 18 when I do the copy in Star Commander.

18,18 is empty in the copy and the image does not have the error info.
Can you make another image with SC's warp transfer mode active? In this
mode SC can keep the contents of the soft errors like block or header
checksum errors. Also, the error info would give a hint if it is a soft
or hard error. If SC can't copy the sector, you might have to use
Zipcode sixpack.

The more primitive protections just checked if an error was present, the
more sophisticated ones also read back the contents of the bad sector
and made use of it. Of course there are much more advanced protections,
but it looks like it is one of those, probably the second one. 

BTW, who's the "Sister H" that is mentioned in 18,0? And what file
starts at the mentioned block 26,2? It's not in the directory...

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