Crackers take note...

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-07-30 01:42:00

I have just copied the sound expander's demo disk onto a d64.
Unfortunately the disk is copy-protected and a read error occurs at Track
18 Sector 18 when I do the copy in Star Commander.

This file (uploaded to funet) does not work if it is copied back onto a
disk. Hopefully someone will be able to crack the loader and change the
BNE or whatever that does the final decision whether to accept or reject
the disk into a pair of NOPs...

When the original disk is loaded with LOAD"*",8,1 it first performs two
seeks to some other part of the disk and back again, before the disk
access light starts flickering fast as the custom loader loads the rest of
the program. Only then does the screen change and show the loading screen.

The copied disk performs the two seeks and then hangs, with the screen
display exactly in the state when the LOAD"*",8,1 command was issued.

Who feels up to it? ;)


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