fwd vlad driver

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 1999-07-08 08:52:16

>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 14:11:21 +0300
>X-Sender: vald@ssrs.mrcc.riga.lv
>From: vald <vald@ssrs.mrcc.riga.lv>
>Subject: driver


>        I wonder if you can tell me where I can get a driver for the next
>inkjet printer model : Commodore MPS1270. This driver will be for use in W95.

>Thank you in advance

i got this in my e-mail  - i think the chap wants to use a cbm printer with
windows 95 ?
i'm not able to suggest anything to him myself being a mac man -  any
replys to this please post direct to him in riga

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