Re: Looking for YMF262

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-06-28 16:29:46

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Levente [iso-8859-1] Hársfalvi wrote:

> > Sorry - what is THT?
> Through hole t...


> > The analogue upgrades are the messiest part - finding two channel DACs and
> > adding the extra op-amp stages will make the board very messy.
> Guess the board'll have to be re-designed from the schematics. ...Or did
> you rather planned to make an upgrade for the original card? ...Well,
> both have it's advantages.

I'd probably prototype the OPL3 design using a hacked Sound Expander, but
in general the aim would be to make schematics and maybe even foil
patterns available so that people could build their own from scratch, thus
avoiding the problem of the SFX Sound Expander's rarity.

> > Well, as I said I should have that schematic ready by the end of the week.
> > Must get back to work now ;)
> For work and worry, press Yes. For delectations and glory, press No ...

I shouldn't complain really - the pay isn't bad (for a summer student job)
and they are letting me design the reference board for an internal PCI
ADSL modem (!) .....

But hacking CBMs is infinitely more fun than any 'modern' computer
hardware could ever be :)


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