Re: Looking for YMF262

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-06-28 14:04:38


> It might come to that, yes... incidentally, that would get round the
> problem of the OPL3's different pinout - just solder the SMT pins to
> different IC socket pins :)

Brrrah... Sounds morbid =)

> Sorry - what is THT?

Through hole t...

> The analogue upgrades are the messiest part - finding two channel DACs and
> adding the extra op-amp stages will make the board very messy.

Guess the board'll have to be re-designed from the schematics. ...Or did
you rather planned to make an upgrade for the original card? ...Well,
both have it's advantages.

> Well, as I said I should have that schematic ready by the end of the week.
> Must get back to work now ;)

For work and worry, press Yes. For delectations and glory, press No ...

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