ken/mac-pet ftp/final

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-06-23 12:29:39

good to hear from fellow cbm/pet man larry anderson ! - i'm putting his
links onto the latest version of my links page when i upload it this sat .

sorry to say i've only got A500+  on the amiga side , ( no HD etc )  and no
suitable modem for it .
i'm going to
copy 8050 disks over to 4040
using external 1570 and C128d's internal 1571 turn that into .d64  image
using A500+   / ami64link / messydos  get that d64 onto pc720k disk
put pc720k disk into mac  then compress d64 using pkzip
then upload it finally .   I-I
i've experimented with various files over a period  and other options loose
bytes of the files ,
 or sections of the filenames which if there's filenames with same first 8
letters only one of them makes it through messydos  > :-(
i've got a budget of zero for the getting of any more hardware or software
so unless i can get it for free i tend to work around what i've got to hand
and that i know will work .
i've had to locate my commodore stuff in a different location in the flat
from my mac so i can't run cables to it to the commodore stuff

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