Re: SFX Sound Expanders (again!)

From: Henry Sopko (
Date: 1999-06-24 06:25:20

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Richard Atkinson wrote:

> So, if you're interested in FM synthesis on the C64/128 and feel like
> improving on Commodore's *awful* software then make me an offer. I'm
> particularly looking for a complete CP/M cartridge or Magic Voice but
> always open to suggestions and you never know - maybe someone out there
> even has one of those SFX Sound Samplers I'm looking for!
> The Sound Expanders are in the original boxes, slightly worse for wear but
> the units themselves are pristine. They are all cassette versions but I
> can make the disk version available on the Internet as a d64 if anyone's
> interested. Some have the original cables, some don't for some reason and
> there is one without the documentation so first come first served I guess.

I got a CP/M cartridge I'd be willing to trade you for a SFX Sound




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