Re: PET s/w upload -timescale

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-06-20 14:29:21

Hi Ken,

ken ross wrote:
> well i hope to upload all the cbm/pet/710  stuff in my cat but i've got to
> admit that it'll take some time !, as i've got to shift it through a few
> machines first !

No Problem! I also have a few things in the queue that I still
have to do when I have time.
(Although today I was lucky because Wolfgang Guenther made a good
schematic of the CBM IEEE488 interface for the C64, one I thing
I wanted to do for quite a long time now :-) So I only had to 
check against my module. This is ending up on funet soo Wolfgang
told me)

I am sure there are archivers that make the job easier.

> btw , andre i havn't forgotton about sending you copys of circuit diags
> i've got , just that things have been confusing here since i contacted you

Oops. But I have forgotten.... What was it again?

> ! - and also i tried to get los96 working in my real 8096 since i
> downloaded it from your site , but it just won't work beyond the loader
> part :-(

Hm strange. It works on the VICE emulator.
I only recently got a few 96tpi disks for my 8250 (built into my 8296D), 
but I have to check/clean/fix the drives first. 


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