PET s/w upload -timescale

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-06-20 11:26:02

>ken ross wrote:
>> > the /pub/cbm/pet file area?
>> i'm trying to get around to organising uploading some disks i've got
>>myself !

>Great!!! Lots of stuff there! Are you planning to upload the 700/B128
>software too?

well i hope to upload all the cbm/pet/710  stuff in my cat but i've got to
admit that it'll take some time !, as i've got to shift it through a few
machines first !
i may have to turn the collection into d64's then gz compress each d64 - so
i can  ensure that no bytes get lost in process !
i've got an A500+  using messydos to read pc720k , i use ami64link to shift
stuff from amiga to c128d, i can sipod from 8050 via 8096 to my c128d as a
binary direct to amiga but when i take the pc720k disk over to my mac for
uploading  the filenames will have been "8.3'd"  and some bytes may be lost
as you can imagine this will take some time to do - so in meantime if
anyone see's a file they like the look of in the catalouge i can copy to
floppy - or you can drop me an email about it and i'll move it up the list
of proceedings to be dealt with  :-)

btw , andre i havn't forgotton about sending you copys of circuit diags
i've got , just that things have been confusing here since i contacted you
! - and also i tried to get los96 working in my real 8096 since i
downloaded it from your site , but it just won't work beyond the loader
part :-(

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