Re: 8250 help needed

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-06-04 18:33:49

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> This is not needed, prlink stops to transfer the image when the error
> occurs, so the 8050 image is perfect. It's just that the drives really

Can you not modify prlink to ignore tracks 78 an above?

> makes a lot of noise at the end of each transfer :-( Also, this
> particular 8250 currently is a single drive, because the spindle motor
> needs service. I'm happy that it works at least this way, when I got it

I have a 8250 (built into the 8296D) and an SFD 1001.
Unfortunately the SFD1001 seems t be
a bit out of alignement.

And both say, when I try to format a disk "format speed error".
I haven´t gotten to investigate yet, but it might
be related to using 1541 disks (48tpi) instead of the QD disks.

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