Re: 8250 help needed

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-06-04 16:30:06

Andre Fachat wrote:
> > This is a single m-w command on the 1541. I need it to read in some disk
> > images with prlink, and every time I read a 8050 format disk, there is
> > an 21 read error on track 78, naturally. The drives answers with the
> You could do an intermediate copy from the 8050 to a disk image
> on an 8250 disk (with the disk2file, modified to stop at track 77),
> and transfer this disk.

This is not needed, prlink stops to transfer the image when the error
occurs, so the 8050 image is perfect. It's just that the drives really
makes a lot of noise at the end of each transfer :-( Also, this
particular 8250 currently is a single drive, because the spindle motor
needs service. I'm happy that it works at least this way, when I got it
it was completely dead.

I also knew about the ROM disassebly on funet, but I thought I'd ask
here first before I start to wade through all that code ;-)

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