Imaging protected disks

From: Mark (
Date: 1999-05-13 20:59:33


I want to archive my original C64 game disks, most of which have
copy-protection on. I was interested to read the following in the
documentation to the PC 64 emulator C64S:

C64S 2.5 introduces NewD64 files. They extend the .D64 file
format to provide:
- GCR coded tracks with protections
- timecodes used for protections
- up to 44 tracks, up to 88 halftracks
- efficient coding of unused disk space to keep the files small
- simple extension with new formats and new features

Do any other emulators support this "NewD64" format? Do any programs exist to
allow such images to be written back to floppy disk (using the same 1541 cable
as for reading them)?

Are there any other file formats in use that are suitable for archiving
protected disks?

-- Mark

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