Re: Question for Ruud concerning the KIM

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-04-24 11:26:28

Ramses v. Pinxteren wrote:
> My questions are: What is your new page?

To the best of my knowledge Ruud does not have a homepage anymore, but
he can correct this himself, because he reads this list :-)

> Thirth: The 6530, is build up from a ROM, IO and a couple of timers. is
> it possible, when I can't find this IC, to replace it with the loose
> components? Like a small piggyback board ontop of the board layout?

The 6530 was delivered with a mask ROM, i.e. they were custom manufactured.
(You can even program select lines etc).
They are not available anymore. But you should be able to emulate
a 6530 with a 6532 (still available) and an EPROM. 

You can compare those two ICs with the docs from your funet CD :-)


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