Re: Question for Ruud concerning the KIM

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1999-04-25 21:24:14

Hallo Ramses,

Aan 24-04-99 11:21, in bericht <>, "Ramses v. 
Pinxteren" <> schreef:


> you did put a link to your homepage in the text, but even as I try to
> type in<your old url> it doens't work.
> My questions are: What is your new page?

Sorry, but I don't have a homepage anymore. 

> second: Do you also have a board layout? Else I have to create my own
> layout, and I hate to do double work ;)

I have scanned and OCR-ed the user- and hardware-manual of the KIM. In one of 
them is this layout. (But at at second thougth, I'm not sure I "OCR-ed" this 
picture???) The text is available in ASCII (non-IBM-graphics), WP5 or 
IBM-graphics-ASCII. The first version is available at FUNET.

> Thirth: The 6530, is build up from a ROM, IO and a couple of timers. is
> it possible, when I can't find this IC, to replace it with the loose
> components? Like a small piggyback board ontop of the board layout?

As Andre already explained, the chip was manufactured customer tailed and 
pre-programmed. My old site did contain a document how to build your own KIM 
using a 6532 instead a 6530. I'm happy to mail you this page and the schematic 
(GIF-file) if you want to.

Groetjes, Ruud

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