Trade. (fwd)
Date: 1999-04-02 07:35:00

CB>I got this mail but sure don't have the time to handle
CB>this. Anyone of you for a cheap 128? (If his offer is no fake...)
CB>Seems he even needs someone to build a simple cable...


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CB>I immensely enjoyed your web page as I grew up on Commodore 64.  I
CB>currently work in computers and have a mini-LAN at home.  I still have
CB>my original C64c.

CB>I also have a dilemma that someone of your expertise can resolve.  I
CB>have documents created in a Word Processor called "Home Word Processor"
CB>that I wish to preserve and port to PC.  A couple years ago I brought
CB>your schematics for a cable/adapter to a cable place but they never did
CB>anything with it.

CB>My question is, what is the simplest way to send these documents (text)
CB>to my PC?  This is very important to me.  If you were able to construct
CB>the necessary hardware for me I would gladly give you one of my spare
CB>Commodore 128's or a couple of Floppy drives.

CB>I know you are in Germany, so I imagine the current difference is an

CB>Thanx in advance,

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He may not need to have acable made-up. If he has modems for both the
Commodore and ibm computers. I up and down load to ibm bbses all the
time with my C=64. He should be able to run a phone cable between the
two modems and transfer the files with just the regular terminal
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