Re: A favor
Date: 1999-04-02 07:28:44

CB>Marko Mäkelä wrote:
CB>> That would be very nice!  I'm sending a copy of this message to the
CB>> cbm-hackers mailing list, because I don't use Microsoft products and
CB>> therefore don't have much experience with Star Commander.  The printer
CB>> port on newer PCs require a special type of cable, with some diodes in it.
CB>> I don't know about it either.  But I think that someone on the cbm-hackers
CB>> list can help you, even send you a cable, since you have already done so
CB>> much for us, e.g. uploaded some CBM source code.

CB>As one of the creators of the XE1541 cable (this is the better one with
CB>the diodes), I think I have a spare one that I could part with. If
CB>someone from the US would like to give you one this might be faster and
CB>I wouldn't have to pay the overseas shipping. But I'd be happy to send
CB>you one if noone from the US offers a cable.

CB>Oh, please give me an address where to send the cable to. 

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Is a circuit diagram of the cable and the program needed to use it
available for downloading somewhere?
This message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list.
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