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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-03-30 05:13:50

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hullo people. I have been forced to resort to online auctions,
> particularly eBay, in my quest for ever-rarer commodore gadgets. Anyway, I
> now have a couple of sales going through and I wondered if anyone on the
> list would be willing to keep them for me until my visit to the States in
> summer. Someone living in the California area (yes I know it's rather big,
> but it's a start) who could keep all the gorgeous C= oddities until I'm
> able to collect them. My online sellers seem reluctant to ship things over
> to the UK (I suppose they don't want the hassle) and I'm rather keen to
> get hold of certain of these items.
> If anyone doesn't mind, and has the space for one or two extra CBM
> articles, please send me a mail. I'd be delighted to bring over some
> uniquely English presents (and not just Commodore items, either!) when I
> come for my fortnight in the US of A.
> Failing California, anywhere in the US would be a help - the dealer types
> on eBay seem very wary of international bidders, I've no idea why.
> Many thanks,
> Richard
> -----------------
What sort of stuff are we talking about here....  I think I might be able to
do it; if not I know of many classic collectors with much more storage than I
(in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area) who may be obliging.

Yeah, I know about the auctions, been picking up a book or two from there.  ;)

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