Help wanted, US people

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-03-30 04:21:56

Hullo people. I have been forced to resort to online auctions,
particularly eBay, in my quest for ever-rarer commodore gadgets. Anyway, I
now have a couple of sales going through and I wondered if anyone on the
list would be willing to keep them for me until my visit to the States in
summer. Someone living in the California area (yes I know it's rather big,
but it's a start) who could keep all the gorgeous C= oddities until I'm
able to collect them. My online sellers seem reluctant to ship things over
to the UK (I suppose they don't want the hassle) and I'm rather keen to
get hold of certain of these items.

If anyone doesn't mind, and has the space for one or two extra CBM
articles, please send me a mail. I'd be delighted to bring over some
uniquely English presents (and not just Commodore items, either!) when I
come for my fortnight in the US of A.

Failing California, anywhere in the US would be a help - the dealer types
on eBay seem very wary of international bidders, I've no idea why.

Many thanks,


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