Re: Commodore Calculators (was: Multi-processor system)

From: Todd S Elliott (
Date: 1999-03-28 23:04:51

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999 10:33:11 -0800 Larry Anderson <>
>Todd S Elliott wrote:
>I'd figure after typewriters, fililing cabinets, desks, etc., 
>commodore went
>into the adding machine business (as I have seen a few C= models for 
>sale) and
>then when calculators hit it big they bought chips from Texas 
>Instruments (TI)
>not too long after buying some huge order TI decided to get in the 
>market with using own chips and way undercut all the people they sold 
>too.  Tramiel at that point didn't want to be burned again by such 
>bought a chipmaker (MOS Technologies), owners of the 6502 and ran by 
>Peddle, which helped pave the way to making the PET and other 
Yeah. I heard the same story as transcribed in a recent users group
newsletter, from a presentation given by Jim Butterfield. According to
Jim, Tramiel got his revenge against TI, afterall, when he undercut the
price of the c64 and vaporized TI's initial forays into the computer
market and severely depleting its treasury.

To this date, TI does not manufacture computers.

>There are a handful of digital watches by Commodore out there too; 
>mostly red
>LED ones.
Thanks for the snippet from the Canoncial listing. Just as I suspected,
CBM stays to its tried and true approach of introducing and maufacturing
a slew of models for their calculator line.

As for watches, I didn't know CBM made several. I would love to get one
and proudly carry the C= logo everywhere I go. :)

-Todd Elliott

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