Commodore Calculators (was: Multi-processor system)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-03-28 20:33:11

Todd S Elliott wrote:
> Hello.
> Maybe the list can help; I notice some sprinkling of PET topics here and
> there.
> I came across a Commodore Calculator model US*8 in a thrift shop. I don'
> t know if it's a find or a piace of junk. Did Commodore make  a lot of
> different models, just like they did w/ their computers? Is it a rarity?
> Etc.

I'd figure after typewriters, fililing cabinets, desks, etc., commodore went
into the adding machine business (as I have seen a few C= models for sale) and
then when calculators hit it big they bought chips from Texas Instruments (TI)
not too long after buying some huge order TI decided to get in the calculator
market with using own chips and way undercut all the people they sold chips
too.  Tramiel at that point didn't want to be burned again by such tactics
bought a chipmaker (MOS Technologies), owners of the 6502 and ran by Chuck
Peddle, which helped pave the way to making the PET and other computers.

There are a handful of digital watches by Commodore out there too; mostly red
LED ones.

As far as calculators, this is from the Canoonical Commodore list:
(it is not fully complete, there are some variations not listed)

.Calculator Series:
.* 202           electric, 1 digit display with slider indiciator, 
.                black case, white keypad, black,white,red keys SN B-63768   WW
.* 208           mechanical tape calc with red/black ribbon.                 MI
.*               Blue LEDs, basic math, cream color, blue/red butons.        TA
.*               Scientific calc, made in England, 44 extra keys             BD
.* 401           paper readout, darkgreen/bluegreen                          DV
.  770D
.* 774D          Red LED, 9 digit, white keys.  Red clear and blue op keys.  BA
.  776M
.* 797D          Red LED, basic math+memory and percentage, cream/blk keys   BD
.* 887D          8 dig Red LED, white, black trim, white, red, blue keys.    RI
.* 897D          10 digit Red LED, basic math, percent, one memory.          GK
.* C108          green LED, basic math, black, colored buttons               DV
.  GL976MR
.  GL979R        blk-cream case,Colored buttons,green LED,basic calc+mem+x^2 
.* LC5K2                                                                     JC
.* MM3M          Cream, Colored buttons, Red LED readout, basic math, 1 mem. JB
.* MM3M (Conv)   MM3M with Volume, Area, Metric Conversions                  JP
.* MM6           blk-silver case,basic calcs,red LED,switchable dec point,
.                9V battery                                                  TE
.* N80           10 dig LED, white nums, blue func, lt-blu mem, navigational FR
.* SR-1400       "Electronic Slide Rule Calculator" may 5, 1975              JS
.* SR-1800       Black, Colored buttons, Green LED readout, Trig.            FB
.* SR-9190R      Black, 10 Red LED, 49 keys, white num keys, SN#26612.       RI
.* GL997R        blk-cream case,colored buttons,green LED,basic calcs+memory TE
.* SR-4120R      SR-4148R                                                    TE
.* SR-4148R      blk case,colored buttons(48),10 red LED,
.                basic calc+memory+trig+x^y+statistics	                    TE
.* SR-100NC      black case,49 colored buttons (most of them twice used),
.                scientific calcs (was originally sold as QUELLE Privileg 
.                but is from Commodore)                                      TE

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