Re: C128D

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1999-03-18 22:10:12

Hallo Richard,

> Are these incompatibilities the same as the C64 / C64C ones? Both later
> machines use 9V HMOS chips, but I've not seen the same level of cost
> reduction in the C128DCR as compared with the C64C. All Commodore seem to
> have done is remove the VDC's 16MHz oscillator and use the one in the 1571
> (a fairly obvious cost reduction) and do some significant re-engineering
> of the MFM implementation of the 1571, but the basic C128 remains largely
> the same.

A friend of mine has one. I cannot remember details but the 6522s and 6526 of 
the 1571 have been put in one single VLSI chip. But certain not needed 
registers have been left away. I have no experience but he showed me some copy 
PRGs which worked fine on the C128D, my C128/1571 combination but not on the 

> (No I am not going to hack into my perfectly good plastic C128D,
> thankyouverymuch)

I have two but from one the case and drive are bad. This one I use for 
experiments with the 65816. W/O drive I have a lot of space :)

Groetjes, Ruud

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