Re: C128D

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-03-17 01:09:44

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Ruud Baltissen wrote:

> I personnaly prefer the plastic type because the other one has some 
> incompatabilities and is less easier to repair.

Are these incompatibilities the same as the C64 / C64C ones? Both later
machines use 9V HMOS chips, but I've not seen the same level of cost
reduction in the C128DCR as compared with the C64C. All Commodore seem to
have done is remove the VDC's 16MHz oscillator and use the one in the 1571
(a fairly obvious cost reduction) and do some significant re-engineering
of the MFM implementation of the 1571, but the basic C128 remains largely
the same.

> BTW, may I inform how much you paid for it? A friend of mine paid about 16 UK 
> Pounds/$25 for a C128D (no monitor).

He did well. This is the only C128D I've ever seen, so I was quite
prepared to pay for it. In the end I got it for 30 ukp including 1901
monitor, Canon printer, a few disks and the Xetec Centronics printer
interface. The unit itself is in fairly good condition; slightly
discoloured but the only real complaint is that there is one foot missing
off the keyboard. Now I'm quite keen to get hold of a C128DCR. I'd like a
'desktop' machine with the 8580 SID chip, so it's fortunate that such
things exist :)

(No I am not going to hack into my perfectly good plastic C128D,


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