Re: Double sigh... (was: *sigh*)

From: Jan Gröndahl (
Date: 1999-03-01 09:01:14

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Howard Herman wrote:

> Larry Anderson wrote:
> > 
> > Nothing in BIOS, (I have a used 486/66) nothing on the card(except
> > port/interrupt jumpers), plugged a second IO card (to get a second LPT port)
> > and tried that, no go, re-wirewd a new cable, still nada...  Man, I hate IBM clones!
> ECP/EPP port options are in the BIOS, and as I recall didn't start to
> appear until the Pentium.  
> So, no concern for this with a 486 MB.

I have some 486 IBM's and  Mikromikko's and they have ECP/EPP-options, so
in later models of 486-machines there was also these options. (in some of

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