Re: PET Disks (was:Re: 8250 demo disk)

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 1999-02-25 23:14:36

> Your web server did properly say "Content-Type: application/octet-stream".
> Had it lied "text/plain", the Windows version of Netscape (at least
> version 3) would have mangled the file anyway, no matter how you try to
> download the file.  Another reason not to use Windows.

So does the OS/2 version. That's why I use wget to download such files.

Speaking of D64 archives, has anyone written a program that can be run on a
web server to extract single files from D64 images, so that I can keep the
disks in D64 format? I could use something like that for the PD libraries
that I have on my web pages.

Peter -

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