From: Ramses v. Pinxteren (
Date: 1999-01-23 11:07:48

And how did it turn out? (It's Sathurday already in Holland..)

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Van: Geoff Oltmans <>
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Datum: zaterdag 23 januari 1999 8:15
Onderwerp: AARRGGGGH!!!!!!

>This will make you laugh, and cry!
>Today while I was out and about, I happened to come across a really cool
>computer store, dealing mostly with computer "junk" and antiques.
>'Lo and behold, they had a PET! It was a PET 8032, complete with a 4040
>dual drive unit, an 8250 dual drive unit, and a Commodore dot matrix
> PET style. Everything was immaculate and there wasn't any

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