From: Geoff Oltmans (geoff_at_sprynet.com)
Date: 1999-01-23 08:00:44

This will make you laugh, and cry!

Today while I was out and about, I happened to come across a really cool
computer store, dealing mostly with computer "junk" and antiques.

'Lo and behold, they had a PET! It was a PET 8032, complete with a 4040
dual drive unit, an 8250 dual drive unit, and a Commodore dot matrix
printer...in PET style. Everything was immaculate and there wasn't any

So, naturally, I asked, "How much do you want for this PET?"

"Oh, I don't know. We've had that thing for years now."

<supressing the emotions welling up from my "inner being">

"Well, would you take $15? $10? $5? $20?"

"hmmm. Well, we've just used it basically as a conversation piece. It's
not really worth a whole lot."

<me lying through my teeth>

"That's basically what I want it for, a conversation piece."

"I doubt we could get more than $50 for it. Tell, you what, I'll let you
have the whole lot for $25."

<me, cool as a cucumber>

"That sounds good."

So, I shelled out $25.00 for the machine, the drives, the printer (oh
yeah, there was a CMD dual drive for the C-64 as well). My friend and I
continued to look around the shop and after about 5 mins proceeded out
the door with the PET. 

Disaster struck. As I was in the store's airlock (that's what I call the
place between the inner doors and the outer doors of the store), and my
friend was carting off the 8256 and printer, the owner of the store
popped up and said, "What's going on???" The sales clerk said, "Well,
there wasn't a price on the PET, so I let him have it for $25." "You
can't do that! I was holding that for Bill, that's why there wasn't a
price on it!"

"I'm sorry, I guess I'll have to give you your money back."

<me, heartbroken>

"That's allright, I understand. I used to work in a place like this and
I hated it when we got difficult customers."

So, I reluctantly put all the goodies back on the shelf. The owner said
that if "bill" didn't come and pick it up by next friday, that I could
have it for the $25.00.

One thing happened on the way out the door. One of the screws that holds
the base of the computer to the rest of the case fell out, so out of
habit I picked it up and stuck it in my pocket. I've since jammed the
screw into a slot on the dashboard of my car to remind me of two things:
A. When you get a good deal like this, don't screw around for another 5
mins. Leave Immediately and count your blessings. B. Perhaps I will be
able to get it afterall next friday.


Isn't that a sad story? I've been repeating over and over all day, "25


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