Commodore 8032-SK

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1999-01-14 09:59:21

Hello all!

I have good news and questions.  Yesterday I bought a Commodore Model 200
a.k.a. 8032-SK for 20 Finnish marks (about $4 USD).  I took it apart and
washed all its plastic parts.  The operation took over 4 hours, although I
saved cleaning the keyboard for tonight.  I really like the looks of the
computer, it's a bit like the computer illustrated in the U.S. Design
patent 277,857, but with less keys and without the disk drives.  Usually
PETs have sharp edges, but this one has a very nice-looking rounded case.

The computer has a Finnish keyboard.  The board, "UNIVERSAL DYNAMIC PET",
"ASSY. NO. 8032089", contains the following EPROMs:
 UA3  901447-14   SKAND.GEN
 UD7  8000-UD7    SCREEN-04
 UD12 TMS2532JL   SUO 001024
The ROM (not EPROM) chips in the computer belong to the BASIC 4 series.

Now the questions:

1. Is there any better way than cassette drive and prlink to get the
computer hooked to my Linux box?  I don't have a disk drive.

2. The computer has IEEE-488 style connectors for both the IEEE-488 and
the user port.  What gets broken when one connects the two ports with an
IEEE-488 wire?  (The computer boots up and seems to work, but I have no
user-port device or not even a datassette that I could use for testing.) 

3. How many Commodore Model 200 were made and when?  My unit has a 4-digit
serial number, and most chips are dated 1982, but there was a label or
something that said 1984 on it.  It probably has something to do with the
Swedish/Finnish keyboard modification.


P.S.: I'm moving to a bigger flat at the end of this month.  There I'll
have an entire room (or 3 rooms and a kitchen) for computer stuff.

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