Playing Musical providers...

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-01-12 02:58:33

Well I've really done it now, I'm switching internet providers!

This month I have two accounts the old and the new (, I'm
sure some of you may have a link or two to my web pages  (etc...)

Will soon be:  (etc...)

(I'm still waiting for them to activate my directory; the address corrected
pages are ready to FTP.)  With this provider I get cheaper rates ($11.50 a
month if I pay for the year vs. $19.95mo), four times the web space (20 megs
instead of 5) and hopefully a better maintained news server.  :)

if that's good for you U.S. folks, they do have quite distributed U.S. call-in
sites like Oregon and Florida..  :/


Enough off-topic...  With the added space I'll try to get some more scans and
probably put up some PET files for ftp.
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