Re: SFX sound expander

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1998-12-20 20:21:03


Richard Atkinson wrote:

> Now it's only a D/A converter, but it's a start at least. This means all
> chips on the PCB are accounted for, and the only mystery left is that
> YM3526 thingy...

It's sure, the OPL3 is capable of using 4 operators for a sound (I have
a lot of books on PC soundcards). And it's sure, it has 2x6 voices (in
stereo) in 4-operator mode. Not all voices are true 4 operators, only
half of them (3x 4op and 3x 2op)

I only have an SB-Pro comp OPTi soundcard (besides the GUS PnP :-)), it
has a small Yamaha chip. It's sure, it's an OPL3, but it's numbered YMF

Who knows if Yamaha has some docs on the NET concerning the OPL's; as
you said your card has 8 x 4 ops voices in mono, then I'd doubt if it's
an OPL3. But who knows if it has some parts of the other Yamaha FM chip


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