FAT16 filesystem.

From: Andre Fachat (a.fachat_at_physik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: 1998-12-20 17:42:19

Hi guys!

At the moment I am in heavy stress finishing my PhD thesis,
so I thought I'd rather publish my attempts to make my 
FSIBM filesystem for GeckOS use 16 bit FATs.

In fact I came to have it:

 - format harddisks with sector numbers up to 24 bit
   (cluster numbers still 12 or 16 bit)

 - Use my CSASCSI scsi interface on the CS/A65 computer,
   so with a small setup before that it should also work
   with a C64 with this interface

 - Use the ramdisk device that again uses the ramdisk device
   in my revamped VICE-based xcsa emulator - you poke the linear
   block number somewhere and have the block memory mapped somewhere
   else. Should make it pretty easy to replace it with a 
   hardware driver for another hardware
   (you can replace the complete scsi driver or use the scsi driver
   to scan the partitions and only replace the bare hardware driver
   with the ramdisk driver)

Still some things to do, but sorry, no time at the moment.
Find it as oa-2.0.8.tar.gz at


P.S.: Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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Andre Fachat, Institute of physics, Technische Universität Chemnitz, FRG
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