SFX sound expander

Date: 1998-12-18 15:59:21

The SFX Sound Expander was made by Commodore UK.  It's based around a
Yamaha OPL2 FM sound generator.  It was basically a SoundBlaster for
the C64/128.  There were also some companion products, such as the SFX
Sound Sampler (piece o' junk) and a full-size 64 key keyboard.  There
was a SEVERE lack of software to support this product.  It certainly
was released in the UK and was probably only rare on this side of the
Atlantic.  I had Jim Brain include it in his canonical list of CBM
products where you can also find the CBM model numbers.  I doubt that
CBM could get FCC approval for the device for sale in the US, as it
seems to kick out vigorous RF at NTSC color burst frequency.  It
probably screws up most of the tv sets in the neighborhood (certainly
every set in my house) when I turn it on.

The sound from this device was far better than that from similar
devices for the 8x86 machines.  It seems to have better audio
isolation from the data bus and picks up less noise.  The optional
keyboard has full size keys and decent action, quite playable.
Commodore would have had a great product that would have had a couple
million more C64s fly off the shelves if there was better software to
support it.

I remember seeing a picture of the SFX Sound Expander and keyboard on
someone's web site - I think it was in a gallery of orphaned
computers.  It looks a lot like a 1750 REU except that it has a
cartridge expansion port (with hinged cover) on the top, an audio and
keyboard connector on the side, and the case is SX64 dark grey

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