Re: SFX sound expander
Date: 1998-12-14 16:15:49

Levente <> wrote:
>Richard Atkinson wrote:
>> Hi all. My latest acquisition is the Commodore Sound Expander for the
>> 64/128. It is a cartridge port device the same shape as the Magic Voice
>> and inside there is a Yamaha YM3526 FM synthesis chip, some logic for the
>> optional music keyboard port and a bit of analogue circuitry to output the
>> signal.
>Heey, is that chip like a Yamaha OPL2?

I have three of these units, all with the YM3526 FM chip.  This chip
is an OPL2 device.

>>[ . . . ]

>If I'm right, and it's an OPL, then it's easy - there are a lot of docs
>about, say, programming the Adlib soundcard and the Soundblasters which
>have the same soundchip.

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