Re: IDE for C64 (Stephen)

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1998-12-06 19:26:17


Stephen Judd wrote:

> One thing you haven't brought up, but which I'd suggest thinking hard
> about, is what type of user you are aiming this project at.  If it's
> at hackers and such, then most of the above concerns are moot -- custom
> routines for everything would be fine.
> On the other hand, at the Chicago Expo I realized that there is an
> enormous number of "users" -- I mean real users, who do lots of cool
> stuff with their machines but aren't hard-core techie-types.  These
> people totally outnumber the hackers and actually use things like
> a hard drive regularly -- for GEOS, for word processing, for MIDI,
> for simple programming, etc.  I could see an IDE drive with custom
> DOS complementing a CMD drive very nicely -- for general use, for large
> files, for backups, etc.

When speaking of an IDE interface which is oriented to 'performance'
rather than 'compatibility', you should check the Czech IDE stuff.

It is a card placed to the C64 (no external units, just the interface
card with all the needed logics, OS and even a realtime clock). This
seems to be incredibly fast in opposition with all CMD like external
devices. The built in ROM contains some utilities besides the OS, even
a Norton Commander like filemanager. This interface is being produced
anyway (but I don't think if they had much customers yet, due to the
fact that they don't really advert their product).


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