Re: IDE for C64 (Andre)

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-12-07 14:29:29

Andre Fachat wrote:

>> Don't forget guys, that I having deal with 1541 near every day expanding and
>> implementing new commands into my own 15xx emulator (I still work on it).
>Hm, I guess I have to use my 6502-hardware emulator in the VC1541
>again :-)

Right. Ruud should use something like soft-ROM (RAM?) or 6502 in-circuit emulator
for developing pathces to 1541 ROM.  BTW, I wrote about my C64-PC connection and
15xx emulator (better server) running on PC. I built it for speed and simlicity
and not for 'full' compatibility. Ruud's IDE HDD stuff I think will be little robust,
like the chezh IDE stuff. Collecting obsoleted 286 I hope little easier for server
things. And who will write an ISO9660 driver for CD-ROM? Once I got specification
about it. Really crazy thing.

I'll specify my homepage's addy if I collect the stuff together.


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