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From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1998-12-03 13:47:34

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo Cameron,
> > Are these the Colour Computers? I'd be interested in the NTSC if so.
> Yes, but I could swap them for C64's and some drives, sorry.
> Last weekend the "HCC-Dagen" were held in Utrecht. This is a giant computer
> happening with demonstrations, selling of new and old computer items etc,
> etc.  We, the Commodore Users Group were able to lay our hands on the new
> Commodore 64, also named Web-It.
I saw it, on said HCC-dagen. I must confess that I could hardly keep
myself from bringing a disk with a .d64 of some demos, just to see
how it runs. 

Ruud: The guy demonstrating that machine, was it one of your members?
> I must say it is a very nice machine. a lot of built-in software in 32 MB
> ROM, 16 MB RAM, floppy-drive and modem. Also there is a built-in C64
> emulator: CCS64. The processor is AMD K6 (I could only have a peek at the
> hardware so I could be wrong).
Wasn't it supposed to be some weird 486DX4/100 clone?

> Not everything worked perfect but we were 
> warned and the real production machines would not have the known errors. The 
> price should be about 825 Dutch Guilders or $450.

Hmm.. But I strongly disagree with Webcomputers regarding the "expandablity"
of that machine ("Look! You can expand it using ROM-cartridges!")("Kewl!
Could I have a Linux-cartridge, then?")

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