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Subject: Re: Tandy TRS-80 and the ........ New Commodore 64 !
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Hallo Cameron,

> Are these the Colour Computers? I'd be interested in the NTSC if so.

Yes, but I could swap them for C64's and some drives, sorry.

Last weekend the "HCC-Dagen" were held in Utrecht. This is a giant computer 
happening with demonstrations, selling of new and old computer items etc, etc. 
We, the Commodore Users Group were able to lay our hands on the new Commodore 
64, also named Web-It. I must say it is a very nice machine. a lot of built-in 
software in 32 MB ROM, 16 MB RAM, floppy-drive and modem. Also there is a 
built-in C64 emulator: CCS64. The processor is AMD K6 (I could only have a peek 
at the hardware so I could be wrong). Not everything worked perfect but we were 
warned and the real production machines would not have the known errors. The 
price should be about 825 Dutch Guilders or $450.

Groetjes, Ruud

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