Re: US VIC-20 & interlaced graphics

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-10-28 23:29:53

Hallo allemaal,

Aan 28-10-98 18:23, in bericht <>, Mark 
<> schreef:

> Hi,
> The other week I was lucky enough to find an American model VIC-20 with Radar
> Rat Race cart, C2N, RF modulator & US PSU for a grand total of 3 pounds. The
> ......

Until last week I owned 2 Vic-20s, a big-board and a small-board one. Both had 
the problem that they only displayed a gray picture. Last week I received 
another small Vic-20 and, suprise, it showed color! This made me curious so I 
opened the cases. At the same time the stories about the 1084s doing PAL and 
NTSC popped up in my mind and yes, the first two had 6560s. At the moment I 
haven't the slightest idea how and when I got those NTSC-Vics. 
Anyway, this 3rd Vic revived my interest in the Vic again and you'll hear from 

Groetjes, Ruud

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