US VIC-20 & interlaced graphics

From: Mark (
Date: 1998-10-28 18:23:16


The other week I was lucky enough to find an American model VIC-20 with Radar
Rat Race cart, C2N, RF modulator & US PSU for a grand total of 3 pounds. The
seller had chopped the US type mains plug off from the PSU; maybe they thought
no-one would buy it if it didn't have a UK type plug. It works okay using a UK
C64 PSU hooked up to my lame old portable US TV. (But will the timing be off
due to the 9VAC being at 50Hz instead of 60Hz?)

A while ago someone said that the NTSC (not PAL) VIC-20 can do true interlaced
graphics, unlike the C64 where the so-called interlacing is just showing a
different picture in alternate fields.

Anyway, I'm wondering whether there are any VIC-20 programs or demos that make
use of this to give nearly 400 lines of vertical resolution? (Actually,
pressing one of the function keys in Radar Rat Race* may* have turned
interlace mode on, but since the same thing is displayed in both odd and even
fields so there is no increase in vertical resolution.)

-- Mark

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